We recently mentioned that Respawn Entertainment has launched a new game called Apex Legends. This is a competitor to popular games such as PUBG and Fortnite. Also, the strategy and gameplay of Apex Legends are very similar in nature. Respawn has now released the first patch to Apex Legends and it brings a lot of new features. First of all, Apex Legends’ patch seems to be focused more on Valentine’s Day. To be specific, this patch brings a few Valentine’s Day-themed items to the Apex Legends store: specifically, the “Shot Through The Heart” skin for the Longbow DRM

There is another themed item named as  “Love Of The Game” Pathfinder banner frame. Now, these themed items are specific for Valentine’s week only so they will be available for a limited time. These items will be available from February 13-19 and the items will go live on the store from 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM UTC. Also, there is a “Live Die Live” badge to be earned during this time period as well. You can earn this badge if you revive a squadmate during this time period.

Apart from these items, Apex Legends’ patch also includes bug fixes. These bug fixes include a patch for the exploit that apparently allowed players to infinitely duplicate items in their inventory. Now, this exploit was used by many players to get as many items as possible. Also, the issue causing some players’ friends lists to show everyone as offline has also been fixed.

Apart from that, Apex Legends is a very new game so it has some weird bugs as well. This included falling in invisible holes and getting stuck in weird places. This issue in the King’s Canyon map has also been fixed with this patch. Respawn has also updated a couple of cosmetics with new art in the PlayStation Plus Play Pack.

Source: Reddit

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