As we all know, the world of gaming is currently taken over by Battle Royale games. Firstly, Fortnite was announced which became a smash hit, and still is, in the industry. After that, another battle royale game called Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds on a similar concept to Fortnite made a switch to the mobile platform. This is because PUBG was already available on PC.

Ever since PUBG Mobile has been launched, there is an unprecedented craze for the game. Here, the difference is that Fornite is not yet available on the Google Play Store where PUBG is. So Fortnite is not as widely adopted on Android as PUBG has been. Fornite’s developers choose to do this so as to not give their revenue share to Google.

Earlier this year, we saw another competitor to PUBG and Fornite being released. And this game, Apex Legends, is from the biggest developer in the gaming industry, EA Sports. This means that the game was bound to get success and so it did. Apex Legends is currently the hottest game in the PC market right now. It is now known that Apex Legends is also coming to mobile platform similar to its competitors.

Additionally, EA announced that Apex Legends will also come to China officially. At the moment, Apex Legends is not officially available in China. It is reported that China is the world’s largest gaming market. So EA is in “advanced negotiations” to bring this popular game to China.

On the other hand, Apex Legends’ launch in China is also welcomed with criticism from EA’s fans. The reason being that fans see China’s gaming market as full of cheaters and hackers who go on any level to win games. Most of the mods available for games are developed by Chinese developers too. However, it is also the case that players playing Apex Legends’ unofficially from China are also likely to be hackers.

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