Google is known for implementing various security features on Android to make it even more secure. There was a criticism earlier that Android is not as secure as iOS. However, this narrative has changed in the recent times. With every new update to Android, its security also increases. Now, Google has added a new layer of security for Android smartphones. With this feature, you can use your Android smartphone as a physical security key.

If you are unaware about a physical security key, it is a device used for the utmost security. Basically, physical security key is your personal identity which can be plugged in to your PC. After that, your system will match the code inside this key against the code present on your PC already. If both the codes match, your authentication is deemed to be complete.

Therefore, using your Android smartphone as a physical security key is a blessing in disguise. We will now talk about how this works. Google has rolled out an update to its 2-factor authentication which is used for additional security. Earlier, 2FA used to send a code as SMS or email to you when you enter your password.

Now, 2FA will prompt you to unlock your account by using your smartphone. With the latest update, you will have to press the Volume Down button on your smartphone for authenticating your account even when you have entered the password. This way, no unauthorized access to your account is possible.

Google has also mentioned that this feature to almost all the Android devices present out there. In short, the Android devices running Android 7.0+ are already getting this update automatically. And we believe that the update is sent out via Google Play Services. Your device also has a unique code which will be scanned against your account to see if it is really your smartphone or not.

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