Amazon silently released a new AR App to brings life to its delivery boxes

According to the latest news, American tech giant Amazon is diving into augmented reality (AR) based entertainment for its customers apart from improving their new smart speakers. According to recent reports, the global e-commerce giant has silently released a new AR app to work in collaboration with its special delivery boxes.

This year, Amazon is allowing its customers to dive into an immersive AR experience by using the simple cardboard box in which the company delivers its products to celebrate the spooky occasion of Halloween. The latest news suggests that as a part of the Halloween celebration, the company’s delivery team has already started sending special boxes to the customers.

In order to dive into the AR experience provided by Amazon, customers have to use the new Amazon Augmented Reality app.

Amazon silently released a new AR App to brings life to its delivery boxes
Amazon silently released a new AR App to brings life to its delivery boxes

The special boxes that the company has recently started delivering come with an outline of a pumpkin in which customers can draw their version of “Jack ‘o’ Lantern” and open the Amazon AR app. After this, customers have to simply scan the QR code on the box to watch their creation come to life. Amazon calls its “spooktaculAR.”Amazon has uploaded a promotional video campaign for the same. You can go through it to understand the offerings in detail.

Customers will be able to decorate these custom “Jack ‘o’ Lanterns” with additional outfits, props, and other cosmetic items within the app. iPhone users with TrueDepth technology will be able to put the final iteration of their Halloween pumpkin on their faces and click a selfie with the in app camera.

As of now, it is not available in India. Note that Amazon has just started to send the special boxes, so there are not many of them out in the wild right now.

The company has come out with a step by step guide for a DIY AR capable cardboard box, which you can use to make your own AR box.    You can also print it right away from the website.

It seems that Amazon is working hard on augmented reality (AR) technology and there is a huge possibility that the company might come out with similar interactive AR contents in the near future to celebrate other global events.