According to the latest news, Amazon is developing a new Alexa powered device that can track and monitor for signs of sleep apnea using radar. This was first reported by Business Insider. The gadget will be very small in terms of size such that it can be easily held in the palm. The device is reportedly designed to sit on a bedside table and use millimeter wave radar to sense the user’s breathing. Note that this idea of using radar to monitor sleep is not at all new.

Back in 2014 Nintendo announced a “non-wearable” device that could track sleep via radio waves but unfortunately, within less than two years the company stated that the company is not confident on the device so it never became live in the market. Last month, OnePlus announced a new concept phone that uses mmWave radar to monitor breathing.

As per reports, Amazon’s project is being developed under the code name “Brahms” after the German composer of Lullaby. Business Insider reported that the device resembles a “standing hexagonal pad connected to a metal wire base” in its current form. Apart from sleep apnea, Amazon is also reportedly planning to use its machine learning and cloud technology to understand other sleeping disorders that are beyond sleep apnea’s capabilities.

Last year, Amazon released its Halo fitness tracker with a price tag of US $99.99. It is a wearable device that scans the wearer’s body and voice to help users to improve health. Amazon clarified clearly that the Halo fitness tracker is “not a medical device.” Notably, the company also launched a Pharmacy service for delivering prescribed medicines at doorsteps. Note that the company has not yet integrated Alexa in the sleep tracker but it might do so in near future.

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