Last Monday, Photoshop shared a teaser video where it took a sneak-peek into Sky Replacement. Sky Replacement is Photoshop’s upcoming tool that automatically swaps out the sky from an original sky image. This online tool is one of the few tools that Photoshop has not been the first to feature.

In the video, it is demonstrated that when one chooses the Sky Replacement tool from the edit menu, a window designed for the task opens up. This new window panel list all sky presets. There is an add button feature at the bottom that allows photographers to upload their own images of the sky.

It must be noted that Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI system, reduces the time spent on the traditional method of swapping out a sky in two major ways: firstly, when the AI automatically separates the sky from the rest of the image, and secondly when it cuts out any objects protruding into the sky irrespective of what it is. The cut-out object can be an architecture or it can also be a man.

Adobe Sensei also works to help prevent the swap from looking like a bad copy paste job by using the tones in the sky image to inform adjustments to the rest of the image. For example, a sunset sky will make the rest of the image look like a sunset.

Adobe Photoshop will integrate Sky Replacement feature soon
Adobe Photoshop will integrate the Sky Replacement feature soon

With this tool, photo editors will gain more control over the edits, including sliders to adjust the brightness, temperature. They will also be able to manually adjust the size of the sky and position it in the perfect way such that the sky aligns with the rest of the image. There are additional sliders as well which help shift and fade the edge of Sensei’s automatic masking.

Adobe claims that this new tool will be non-destructive with the changes preserved in layers which means editors will be able to go back and tweak them in the future. The tool will also allow photographers to apply changes outside of what Sensei determines such as further tweaking the tone of the sky or making other adjustments.

As far as functional ability is concerned, this tool feels like an extended version of Photoshop’s recent tool, Select Subject tool. Note that Select Subject can already do a lot with masking. However, Photoshop is not the first one to be able to swap out skies in a few clicks. Luminar’s  Sky Replace is the first one. It contains similar options, including recoloring the rest of the scene, tools to fix haze, and tools to close gaps but houses a few more sliders,. However, unlike Photoshop’s upcoming tool, Luminar did not create new layers with the adjustments but still allows users to go back into the A.I.

As of now, Adobe is yet to reveal when the new Sky Replacement tool will be finally live. There is some speculation about it getting introduced in Adobe Max, the company’s annual event, because, throughout the years, here, the company came out with software updates. The 2020 Adobe Max event has been scheduled for next month as a free virtual event. The date is not yet confirmed by the company.

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